Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Mimi Makes Gravy AKA Thanksgiving

Our Thanksgiving celebration always starts out with the 2 mile Turkey Trot in Wichita the weekend before Thanksgiving.  We get a free turkey per registration so it basically pays for itself!  Kelton had just got over pnuemonia, so Konny wore his bib and our friend, Ana, ran with us while her parents did the 10 mile.

Immediately after, we headed home to shower because some of our friends from church couldn't use their WSU tickets and gave them to us!!

We donated a meal to a local family again.  I'm trying to instill into the children that giving is a way of life so that it will seem very natural to them when they're adults.  It's something I am far from perfect at myself, so it's an ongoing process and we're all growing together!

Then of course......Mimi came over and made the gravy!!  We all look foward to this and I ran many miles in preparation of eating it with reckless abandon!

Can't forget the matching jammies!

Thanks to online shopping, I didn't venture out in the middle of the night that eve and instead just rested up to ring the Salvation Army Bell the next morning.

Later that weekend, we were able to get most of our Christmas decorations up.

Things seemed to be going really smoothly!  We got our shopping done earlier than usual and I was on track with all the gifts I was making. We should have known there'd be a bump in the road!  A week later, Kelton would have his appendix out!  That's the next post!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Shutterfly for the holidays

*This post contains my experience and opinions.  See full disclosure below.*

This is my third year to order our Christmas cards from Shutterfly.  I am never disappointed with the selection or ease in designing and ordering my cards.  One of my favorite features is how you can save your favorite cards to compare together.  I had so many designs I liked this year and this feature helped me finally choose a card!  It's super convenient that Shutterfly saves all your old projects so I can just look at last year's card to make sure I'm not ordering something too similar!

I ordered a little later this year (Cyber Monday and got a fabulous deal!), so I was a little afraid of getting my cards and then getting them out on time.  However, in true Shutterfly style, my orange box was in my mail box long before the estimated arrival date.  With a little extra craziness at our house due to Kelton's appendectomy, our cards are yet to go out, so just a peek at the back of this years card is all I'm posting!

In addition to ordering cards, you can also order prints and tons of different photo gifts.  You could almost cross off you entire Christmas list just shopping at Shutterfly alone!

It's not quite too late to get orders in for delivery by Christmas Eve, but you're pushing it!  Check out their holiday shipping guidelines to see what you can still order and by when.  Or avoid the holiday stress all together and order New Years, Valentines or Easter cards.  I've always thought that would be a fun idea!

Right now save up to 50% on holiday cards, photo books and other projects.  No code needed!

Disclaimer: I purchased our Christmas cards myself.  The opinions expressed here are my own and may differ from other's experiences.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A Frozen Halloween!

I don't just say that because it happened to be the coldest day so far!  There were so many Frozen characters out trick or treating!  I think we counted at least 10 Elsas!  We happened to have a very cute Elsa and Anna of our own!

It's been kind of a tradition that the Woodles come spend Halloween with us.  We trick or treat and I make a big pot Hamburger Stew.  

So many memories seeing Leyton wear the same costume that Kelton wore for his first Halloween!



I wonder if there will come a year when Konnor is not a transformer and Katie is not a disney princess.  Kelton was pretty original as Michael Jackson though and Remmy made a great red crayon!

Can't forget our pumpkin carving pictures!

Of course, we visited the local nursing home to hand out muffins to the residents.  I can't believe in a few short years, we won't be wearing costumes anymore!  Got to soak up these years while I can!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Fall Running!

After the sweat fest that is summer, it's always nice when fall arrives and it's a little cooler!  There are tons of races to choose from this time of year, but I had signed up for the Prairie Fire back to back challenge on New Years Eve when fees were super low.  I signed up for the spring 5K and fall half. Training went much better this year.  Last year we had to put Jasmine to sleep just a few weeks before the race.  After that, my IT band flared up and I just didn't feel like running at all.  Because of that, I didn't finish quite like I'd hoped but it was still a great experience.  

This year, training went much better even though I did start to feel a bit burnt out towards the end.  I was a little nervous at the starting line but having friends with me always helps!

 Eric and the kids really got into their sign making this year and spent a lot of time the day before making some super funny signs!

They were there cheering for me at mile 2, 5 and 8, then met me at the finish line!  Seeing them every few miles is such an encouragement!

Since my IT band managed to behave itself this year, I was able to take off over 16 min from last year.  Afterwards, I was feeling fairly certain I would not be running the half again next fall, especially since I'd gotten so burnt out.  Monday morning though as I rolled my sore body out of bed, I thought....I can do that faster!  ;-)

The next weekend was the Winfield Food Pantry 5k.  Katie and I did this together last year for her first 5K and I think it will become a tradition that we always run this together, just the two of us!

She wanted to us to be "twinsies" so we both wore black tights and pink sweatshirts.  She did awesome and improved her time almost 10 min from last year!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Soccer and Cheerleading

We didn't just have soccer this fall, we had a little cheerleader too!  Katie participated in the cheer chicks cheer clinic and got to perform at one of the football games!  She loved it and can't wait until she's in 3rd grade and can cheer for youth football.

Katie is in the middle row, 4th from the right side.

Kelton had another great soccer season.  He loves playing forward and is learning to remember it's okay to pass and let someone else take the shot who might be in a better position.  Still, he scored a handful of goals and continues to just love to play.

After a couple weeks rest, basketball is getting ready to start and we're hoping to find a gymnastics or dance class for Katie.  Always busy!