Monday, February 10, 2014

Finally Some Snow Days!

I was kind of starting to feel like maybe we wouldn't have any snow days this year, but we finally got a good heavy snow and two days off of school last week!  The first day was great!  It was only about 25-30 degrees so we spend lots of time playing and shoveling!

Of course we had to have hot chocolate!

And Remington was eager to warm up by the heat of his favorite spots!

Later that afternoon, we tried molasses candy.  I read Little House in the Big Woods to Katie last year and thought it would be fun to try this like Mary and Laura did in the book.

Unfortunately it was not that tasty.  The molasses flavor was just too strong.  It was fun though and we'd like to try it again with maple syrup or honey.

Luckily we had some snow ice cream later after dinner (yummy chili!) to make up for our failed candy attempt. We made the ice cream with some of flavored coconut milks from So Delicious.  It was so good!

On Wednesday, our 2nd day off, the high was like 7 degrees, so we stayed in the house, in our jammies!

Much to our surprise, we ended up with 4-5 inches last night when we were expected 1-2 inches.  When I got a text at 5:30am this morning, shortly followed by the phone ringing, I knew what that meant.....another snow day, not even a week later!  I don't think it even got up to 20, but we still enjoyed it!

I do have to say I'm feeling quite done with all this snow and am very much looking forward to it warming up this weekend!  We're looking at highs in the 50s!  I can't wait to get a run in!

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momof4 said...

Looks like your snow was fun! I wish we could share a little more with you.