Saturday, February 8, 2014

Kelton's in the double digits!

Surely I'm not old enough to have a 10 yr old, right?!

Kelton continues to be such a great kid, excelling in school and sports, especially soccer.  Earlier in January he was in the spelling bee finals again! 

E and I like to treat each kid to a one on one meal out to eat on their bday.  Kelton choose Applebees.

When we got back (thank you Mimi for watching the little ones!), we had some cake and opened presents!

That weekend, he had some of his friends spend the night.  Six 4th grade boys can be kind of rowdy!  They were well behaved though and everyone had a great time!  Of course we had to have pizza and cake!

Konny didn't want to be left out!

I cut out some different props with my cricut so they could have a photo booth and take pictures with their ipods, tablets, etc.  Such a fun and inexpensive activity!

I managed to finally quiet them down shortly after midnight, but nobody had trouble waking up in the morning for donuts!  I'm so thankful Kelton has such a great group of little friends!

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momof4 said...

Happy Birthday to KELTON! Double digits! CRAZY!